HOW TO - Where is my ECU? Can I chip it for KLZE?

  • Where is my ECU?
    -Goto the passenger footwell.
    -Take off the plastic kick panel
    -The ECU/PCM is located against the firewall as shown in blue in the image below:

    How do I remove it?
    -Unscrew the screws (4 or 5) attaching the mounts to the ECU and attached relay from both sides (passenger and driver side)
    -Push in the yellow release tab of each plug. I used a large flathead screwdriver for this, but be careful, the plastic is quite soft.
    -Pull out all plugs
    -Remove ECU

    What OBD do I have?
    -OBDI has 3 usually yellow plugs
    -OBDII has 4 usually grey plugs
    -OBDII also has a diagnostic port around the center console

    OBDI is the easiest for KLZE swaps, image below shows OBDI from a 1995 reg car:

    Is my OBDI ECU chippable for KLZE


    First take off the 4 phillips screws on top. Then there are like 4 or 5 more holding part of the ecu in. Take out those, and then flip up the board and look for the eprom with a sticker I circled it in red in the picture below. I need those numbers. the last 4 digits mainly. If it starts with a 16** it CANNOT be chipped. Example would be in the picture that one cannot be chipped. If it starts with like a 2*** it CAN be chipped.

    Where can I get this chip?


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