Leaking corroded pipes

  • I am a little confused. The two pipes which run along behind the radiator bottom on my 1.6 Auto are badly corroded and weeping. One mechanic described them as power steering pipes and another as transmission cooling pipes. They both connect to the offside side of the radiator, one at the top and one at the bottom. So I need an exploded diagram showing the parts and any advice on what they actually are and how to replace them would be useful? Does anyone have the part number and do they come as a pair?

  • I have now established that they are the pipes for the auto box cooling. I am contemplating replacing them with ATF compatible hoses, has anyone any comment on that?

  • Does anyone know what size the banjo bolts connecting the gearbox coolant pipes to the radiator are on mty 1.6 automatic?

  • If anyone else wants to know I can confirm they are M14 banjos with 9-10mm tails!!


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