HOW TO - Change a rear wheel bearing

  • Wheel bearing sounded a bit rough so i thought i would do a brief on how to change it.

    Cost : £67
    Time : 20 minutes
    Tools : Hammer, Wire Brush, Bar, 14mm spanner, 12mm spanner, 14mm socket and ratchet, old screw driver, 32mm socket , 21mm socket.

    First of all jack vehicle up and remove wheel nuts and wheel.

    Then undo 12mm bolt at the top of caliper, and use a hammer and screw drive to tease the clip that holds your brake hose in place.

    This is what it looks like when the hose is out of the way.

    Remove pads and then undo the two 14mm bolts that hold the pad carrier in place. Then slide disc off.

    Knock the centre cap off with an old flat bladed screw driver. You will then see the hub nut. Undo this 32mm nut. The bearing will then draw of the front.

    Then replce nut and tighten, hammer centre cap back on and refit disc, pad carrier, pads and hose clip.

    Put wheel back on, and ya all done.


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