HOW TO - Install a short shiftShort Shifter

  • HOW TO - Install a Short Shifter

    Installation of the Pacesetter Short Shift Kit

    This Pacesetter kit comes complete with everything you'll need to install it except a few tools which are:

    Philips screwdriver
    12m socket

    Installation takes about 1 hour. The process is not very difficult even considering Pacesetters marginal instructions. The instructions are not made specifically for the Mx3. Below is a rough list of the installation steps: They were devised from an Mx3 V6 and are not intended to be complete.

    Remove the center console which includes the shift boot assembly. We removed the entire assembly from the ashtray to the E-Brake housing as one peice. There are two screws and two plastic "push pins" toward the engine end of the console. You'll also have to remove two screws which attach the center console to the E-brake housing. These are near the floor and inbetween the seat and exhaust tunnel. We pulled up on the E-brake housing and gently removed the center console. Whala! There's the part we were trying to get to. Remove the insulation.

    From the underside of the car you'll have to remove the bolt which attaches the shifter to the shift rod. We did not have to remove any part of the exhaust system to access this bolt.

    Back inside the car again: Pull off the rubber boot which sits on the top of the "greasy mess". There is a spring inside which holds the shifter in place. Remove it. The shifter can now be removed.

    We installed the Pacesetter shifter with the ball just a little over 2/3's towards the upper end of the shifter. This resulted in a shift throw which is much shorter than stock. This setting will probably be great for most people.

    From this point the remainder of this installation is simply the reverse of removal. Be cautious not to overtighten the shifter/shift rod bolt. This will make it very hard to shift!

    Our shifts are now a little notchier but much shorter. This was a definate improvement over the stock setup. If you can live with the notchier shifts you'll definately want to consider this mod..


    [http://www.twmperformance. com](http://www.twmperformance. com)

    [http://www.twmperformance. com/shortshifters/mazdashortshifters/Mazdaprotege-escort-mx-3manual.pdf](http://www.twmperformance. com/shortshifters/mazdashortshifters/Mazdaprotege-escort-mx-3manual.pdf)
    (pics in pdf)

    (includes pics)




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