First Outing For 2024

  • Finally the Welsh weather has improved enough to take my Mazda MX3 out for a decent 30 mile run after the winter hibernation.Many more journeys planned as the Spring/Summer progresses!
    Has anyone else been out in their MX3 recently?

  • Yes, I have been giving mine a 50 mile round trip every week since the beginning of March. Replaced the top hose due to a pinprick hole under the radiator end clamp and a full service in March and it;s going well. Booked in for a show at the end of August!!

  • @mickthemaverick What show have you entered in August.

  • The Redbourn Classic. Its a relatively local show that I went to last year and got invited back. I don't do anything special in terms of prep, just roll up on the day and look at all the other cars!!

  • My MX3 is due its MOT this Friday,so fingers crossed that all is well.Then hopefully get some nice warm sunny weather and go for a few long runs .At the moment I am struggling to get some new ignition leads as a mouse has chewed through one .If anyone knows of the best place to get a set I would be most great full,I have of course tried eBay.


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