MX3 1.6 1996

  • Hello - I am new = took on a treasured MX3 1.6 1996 that had sat in a barn for many years and loved driving it - but parts a nightmare of course. Brake system needed attention - had callipers front/back refurbished - but still need a useable brake master cylinder & I can’t track a RH drive one. Got LH drive new (from USA) and used (from Lithuania) but usual good garage = no joy with those. Hence joined for hope, of deeper part sourcing options. The car is with a more classic car mechanic now, who is going to look at the LH/RH issue but booked up for a month = if I can get the right part for RH interim I’ve got more potential for outcome, when their time window comes to look at whether it’s a goer or not.

    Much appreciated if any part source ideas. Chassis is JMZEC13C500211566 part number I am told is B6044340ZA
    Kindly Jenny.

  • Hello,

    Have not been able to get on here for a while due to work however,
    They have a vast amount of stuff.


  • Hi jendight
    Hope you have had some joy with your Brake Master Cylinder.
    Not sure if you have tried your local main Mazda dealer.
    I find if they don,t have one in stock they will order one from Europe.
    Good luck!


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