How to - V6 external coil and module guide

  • ok, so i tried to put this in guides, but it said i dont have permission :?

    Apparently the internal coils are unreliable..well it is on the MX3 as mine broke it has also reported to have better gains, and produced alot better spark on my car

    this converts the existing dizzy to an external coil and modulator

    what you'll need is one of these..

    this is the modulator!

    first you'll have to change the distributor to accept an external coil and disable the old one, to do this you'll need to do this..

    firstly remove the distributor, then dismantle it so you can remove the old internal coil, take the coil out of the distributor, next you'll need to cut of the old coil signal, its not necesary as you took the old coil out, but i did it just to make sure!

    remove the circled metal strip

    next, you have to make someway of getting power through the distributor, in the states they use an "MSD power tower" as shown…

    i simply got an old spark plug and broke the white part off leaving the connector and metal rod, i then put a thread on it, i then drilled a hole through the dizzy cap and put a thread in there and attached a nut to the end, this picture shows where the hole goes through, it has been covered with silicone to stop the current shorting

    the other siliconed hole is where the old rod came out and went into the coil, snap this off and cover it with silicone.

    thats the hard part done.

    next take the modulator and follow this diagram, as followed by me!

    on the 3 pin plug the top wire goes to the positive on the external coil
    The second pin is for the rev counter, you need to connect it to the negative on the external coil, BUT you need to put a 1000ohm resistor in it to stop the rev counter being killed.
    The last pin connects to the negative on the external coil.

    The bigger plug only has one wire adjusted, this is signal wire to get the modulator to run, cut it off completely and connect it to the G in the picture…just do what i did and put the modulator the way it is in the diagram and follow

    heres some important info you should follow..

    1.the Modulator should be placed flat against a metal surface and the thermal paste used, otherwise the modulator will overheat
    2. people have used many different types of coil, a performance one would work fine, i used an MSD master blaster coil, available from demon tweeks for around £40 need thick enough wire for it to work right and not melt etc, guage 16 minimum has been recomended, i used the thick speaker cable available from argos

    here are some pics of my layout, the plate of the bottom of the cd-rom is a temporary measure

    this might also be a useful mod for the KL-ZE engines with external coils etc

    if anyone needs help with this, or wants a loom making up id be more than happy to help...obviously making the loom there would be a charge

    I've had this on my car now for around 1 1/2 months and its worked no problem!

  • so what excatly does this do. sorry for acting dull!!! :oops:

  • it converts the internal ignition coil and modulator to an external one, preventing the heat from the engine damaging it, its particularly common in probes, as they're based on the same engine, improved throttle response has also been reported with some people


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