Project Blaze KL-ZE

  • So finally the poly bushes for the steering rack turned up 🤟🏻.
    All ready to go back in but I can't help but thinking, all the work I put into this area and no one will see it 🙄

  • Quick update...
    Got the bottom arms and engine mounts sanded back, rust treated and painted ready for reassembly. Engine mounts will be ghetto modded with some sika flex. Poly bushes and yamoto ball joints should be here by the end of next week.
    Engine bay has also had all non essential hole's welded up with a skim of filler and has been primed ready for paint, the weather has been crap so have been unable to finish it. I also have gold reflecting heat shield for the bulk head to install.
    Getting so close to getting the engine in now, just need a decent break in the weather. 🤞🏻

  • One year older today and felt really loved, nothing to do with the car parts the family got me 😅

  • Poly bushes and new ball joints arrived this week and are fitted to the front arms, these are now bolted to the fresh looking sub frame and it looks awesome.
    Started again on the engine bay but yet again have been rained off.
    While having the cover off I made a horrible discovery! The neighbours parasol went for a flying trip in the winds earlier in the week and have caused severe damage to the n/s quarter panel, the roof including the sun roof and the a pillar. I'm absolutely fuming and to top things the neighbours don't really seem to care that there umbrella has f#*ked my project thats been in the making for 11 year's.

  • So I gathered some enthusiasm for the build again as I lost it because of the umbrella incident and I got back to work on the mx3. The clutch master I purchased 2 years ago turned our to be wrong so that caused a slight delay but I got the engine bay painted and heat shielding applied to the bulkhead and the subframe installed . More updates to come this weekend.

  • It's been really slow progress over the last month as I've had to many customer vehicles to work on. I can't complain too much as its paying for car parts to install on the mx3. I've also been working on getting a proper workshop as I think the neighbours have had enough which has been really hard work but I'm getting close to organising. Hopefully when it's off the ground, I can offer all you lovely people a discount on work needed on your mx3 including cill repairs and replacement arches.
    I have managed to heat wrap the manifolds during this crazy busy month.

  • @mazdax3

    Good work, looks neat. Hate wrapping with that stuff, fibres get everywhere but it does work!

  • @marco yeah gloves are a must as it's not the nicest to use and would of preferred using titanium but the budget wouldn't stretch that far. Because I'm going to be putting in a full flat floor I need to keep as much heat in the exhaust as I can.

  • Finally I have movement on the project 🙌.
    I've got everything I need for the big brake kit and ready to be sent to mwb engineering for the brackets to be made.
    The list as follows..
    Front Hubs have been converted to 5 stud 323f v6 hubs, all refitted with new bearings.
    VW Mk5 GTi discs with center bore increased to fit the 323f hubs.
    Alfa Romeo MiTo 4 pot brembos ( can't decide what pads to run).
    New HEL brake lines ordered to suit the brembos.

    Once the brackets are made I need to find a set of 17" wheels that will fit over the brake's 🙄 then I can get a lot of work done this winter, as the car will be off the stands and back in the garage.

  • Enjoyed reading up on this project.
    How are things now ? Did you manage to succesfully use the brake setup?


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